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2022 State of the Social Media Agency Report reveals new trends and best practices for social media marketing agencies

This report outlines the performance of over 1,000 social media management (SMM) agencies in 2021 and identifies four major trends and strategies among the top 7% of small to medium-sized SMM agencies.

In this year-end report, the Boulder-based software startup Cloud Campaign reviewed the performance of over 1,000 small to mid-sized Social Media Marketing (SMM) agencies over 2021 and highlights the tools and strategies the top 7% use to stand out from the remaining 93%. These findings provide actionable tactics and insights for SMM agencies looking to grow their business amidst ballooning freelancer and independent markets.

The 2022 State of the Social Meda Agency Report covers four major themes common within the top-performing agencies assessed. These areas include verticalization, scaling SMM efforts, client integration, and building DIY SaaS offerings to create multiple profit centers. This last theme is particularly interesting because it allows agencies to leverage white-labeled software to create a scalable revenue channel and gain a competitive advantage as a software provider. Click here to download the report.

About The Publisher
Cloud Campaign provides scalable white-labeled SMM software purpose-built for freelancers and small to mid-sized marketing agencies. With offices in Colorado and Oregon, the company currently serves over 15,000 companies including the marketing geniuses behind Hilton, Mazda, and Ernst & Young to just name a few. Cloud Campaign publishes over 4.2 million social media posts per year to all of the major platforms.


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