3 Reasons Why Social Media is So Important for Food Trucks

Why Food Trucks?

Food trucks have idiosyncrasies that make them particular difficult for marketing.  Most don’t have a set location, they typically don’t rank well on Google (SEO-wise), and most don’t have an expansive marketing team with thousands to spend.

Social media can solve many of these problems without breaking the bank.

  1. Social media can help broadcast your truck’s location
  2. It can quickly grow your fan base
  3. Social media is dynamic, just like your business




The Nomadic Chef

Food trucks are always on the move, making it inevitable to lose fans during the shuffling of locations seasonally, weekly, or even sometimes daily.

You can update your website with an upcoming schedule, but how often are customers really checking your website?  You need to get in front of them where they already are — where they already spend hours every week.

Enter social media.  You can share your weekly schedule and send reminders both the night before and the day-of letting followers know exactly where to find you.

Using a scheduling tool can drastically simplify the process by allowing you to pre-schedule posts to social media so you can focus on what really matters — crafting great food for happy customers.

Social Media is… Well Social

Social media has this effect of compounding once you begin to gain some initial traction.  As fans begin “checking in”, liking your posts, or sharing your events, their friends will begin to notice and your audience network can double almost overnight.

This is particularly true with events on Facebook since Facebook will now recommend events that your friends are attending.


Engaging your Fans with Dynamic Content

Being in an outdoor setting, food trucks can use the weather to engage their fans.  This is a tactic email marketers have used for some time and for good reason.  In email marketing, weather based campaigns can result in a 500% increase in engagement [source].

Social media is great for “on the spot” marketing such as weather based posts, and it’s a great opportunity to invite your followers to enjoy lunch outside if it’s a nice day out.

Using a social media automation tool like Cloud Campaign you can automatically post to social media depending on the metrics that you set.


Get started growing your food business on social media today! The first 30 days are free if you sign up now.


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