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4 Common Myths About Social Media Marketing

As an emerging marketing channel, there are still plenty of misconceptions when it comes to social media.  We’re here to debunk the 4 most common myths about social media.

1. Your Competitors Know What They’re Doing

No matter how large or established your competitors are, it can be a huge mistake copying their social media marketing strategy.

Many large brands are still trying to figure out how to successfully market on social media. And even if they do have it figured out, chances are, what works for them, won’t work for you.

Run small experiments and closely analyze your ROI to find a strategy that converts for your business.


2. Social Media Marketing Only Helps with Brand Awareness

No, no, no! This is a huge misconception of social media marketing.  Social media can be a great avenue for generating and nurturing qualified leads that the marketing team can hand off to the sales team.

A well-executed paid and organic strategy on social media can far surpass the return of email and search marketing.  Native lead generation forms and gated content can be a great way to keep a steady flow of leads coming in from social media.


3. You Need to be on Every Channel

Being on every channel can actually be more harmful than helpful.  Only create a brand presence on social media channels where you are active and publishing valuable content on a weekly basis.

A “dead” channel can scare potential customers away because they see it being indicative of your reachability.  They will begin to think, “If I can’t reach the brand on Twitter where they have an account, will they even be responsive over email or chat?  What if I have an issue with their product and I can’t get ahold of anyone?”

The thoughts begin to snowball.  A minor inconvenience turns into a major distrust.


4. It’s Impossible to Track ROI

Tracking ROI on social media is very important and very possible.  Analyzing your social media analytics in conjunction with Google Analytics, you can accurately measure social ROI.

Not only can you measure cost per engagement and impressions on social media, but you can also see exactly how many visitors you are sending to your website from social media and how many goals these visitors are completing.

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 10.01.55 AM.png
Cloud Campaign Report – Social ROI
Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 10.02.20 AM.png
Cloud Campaign Report – Website-Social Attribution

View a sample report:


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