4 Step Guide to Building A Brand

Building a brand will grow sales and make your company an authority in the space.

Building a brand can be a great positioning technique to carve out market share and develop your company as an authority.  Doing so can drive product adoption and increase sales.  Read the whole guide on the benefits of building a brand.

Now that you understand why building a brand is crucial, I’ll run you through 4 key steps to developing your company’s personality.


1. Be Consistent

Use the same logo for every social media profile and your website.

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 12.45.17 PM.png

Being consistent builds trust and recognition.  “Brand” any content or graphics you share with your logo to give credit back to your brand if people share/repurpose your content.


2. Coin a slogan or product description

If you’ve read some of our blog posts or even my personal blogs, this probably sounds familiar, “Cloud Campaign, a powerful social media marketing platform.”

By tying a phrase with your company name, people begin to make the connection between the two.

Noah Kagan does an amazing job at this in his podcast and YouTube videos.  “AppSumo, an 8 figure company…”

I found myself repeating his phrase to people.  I recommended his podcast to my girlfriend, who of course proceeded to ask, “What does Noah do?”  And I responded with, “Oh, he founded an 8 figure company that does…”

WHAT?! Why in the world would she care how much money his company generates? She simply wanted to know more about who was speaking on the podcast and here I am repeating him word for word.

I’ve always been really intrigued with psychology, which is why this was so fascinating to me.  I’m typically thoughtful in my word selection, but my pavlovian response to ‘Noah Kagan’ was the phrase that he engrained in my brain.


3. Develop a Personality

Your company’s personality or persona is really what defines your brand.  The personality can be developed through both the voice you use in text and the graphics you create/share.

Moosejaw, an outdoor retail company, is killing it on social media by developing a voice that is equal parts humor and wit.  They’ve paired their engaging voice with giveaways to grow their brand tremendously over the past few years.


untitled (10).png
Moosejaw Mountaineering – Humor + Giveaways


Similar to your logo, you want to be consistent with the graphics you share.  If you’ve noticed, nearly all of Cloud Campaign’s graphics have the same mascot, whose name hasn’t been decided yet..  Maybe Tom.. Not sure.  Recommend names for him in the comments section.


Be conscious of your target demographic when developing your company’s personality.  If you have serious clients, your voice and graphics should reflect that.


4. Provide Value

Building a brand for your company is half the battle.  The other half is developing a positive connotation.  Do this through providing value (teaching, giveaways, community) and not getting into lawsuits or scandals (*cough* Uber *cough*).

As previously stated, Moosejaw has created a great brand that is widely liked due to frequent giveaways and a community that they have developed.

We have been working hard on developing a brand through teaching.  For example, this article, and the many others that we’ve written on step by step marketing guides.  We don’t advertise on our blog, we don’t have affiliate links, we’re simply writing articles to teach fellow marketers and give back to the community in hopes of one day carving out our niche.


Need help posting to social media consistently?  We’re offering a free 30-day trial of Cloud Campaign, a powerful social media marketing platform that makes consistency a breeze.


Graphics compliments of FreePik

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