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4 Video Marketing Tools We Couldn’t Live Without

1. Offeo

Offeo is a great resource for making professional looking animations for any occasion. 

They have tons of presets and you can even crop your video to a preset size depending on where you are sharing it. e.g. Facebook Cover Video, vertical videos, square, etc…


2. Lumen5

Lumen5 is unbeatable when it comes to creating videos to explain a topic or product.  With Lumen5 you can upload your own videos and images or use the stock content they have provided.  You can then add text to tell a story.

To make things even easier, Lumen5 can even turn your existing blog post into a video with text.


3. Headliner

If you record podcast episodes, Headliner is a must!  Headliner allows marketers to easily convert audio clips into animated videos.

You can fully customize the theme by uploading your own background image, changing the color theme, and even picking the animation.


4. Cloud Campaign

This should be no surprise, but we use our own tool for social media marketing.

Once you have all of these great videos, how do you get them out to the world?  The answer is Cloud Campaign.  The app’s unlimited content library makes it extremely simple to upload all of your videos and schedule them out to social media over the next couple of months.

The best part is that unlike other publishing tools, such as Buffer, videos published through Cloud Campaign show up natively.  Native videos have proven to yield significantly higher engagement and watch duration.


What type of video are you going to create next with your new toolset?

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