5 Ways To Use Psychology To Win Clients For Your Marketing Agency

While winning customers is predominantly an art form, there’s a level of science behind the “chase” that can help you tailor your marketing efforts and book clients for your growing marketing agency! Understanding customer psychology will not only help you appeal to potential clients, but may even help you close a deal for a greater profit.

In this post we’ll dive into 5 Psychology theories, and take a look at how you can apply them to your marketing efforts when you’re on the hunt for new clients!

#1: Using Social Proof To Grow Your Agency

First: What is Social Proof?

Otherwise known as “informational social influence”, Social Proof describes a psychological theory wherein individuals mimic the actions of others with the idea being that, well, if others are doing it then it must be good! In the same way that animals often follow the behavior of their “pack”, humans seek that group validation too.

Now, how can you use it?

Social Proof can be used in a number of ways as you’re looking to grow your business. Consider these to be just a few:

  • Interview experts or current clients who give validation that your services are top of the line.
  • Collaborate with other big players in your industry and use competition to your advantage.
  • Re-tweet and re-post every other business that mentions you.
  • Share you success with others, letting them know when you reach big milestones like “x” number of followers, or “x” number of new clients.
  • Use influencer marketing to have others validate your business.
  • Share all positive customer feedback and testimonials, and don’t be shy to ask for references.

#2: Using Reciprocity To Win Business

First: What is Reciprocity?

In Psychology, “reciprocity” relates to the idea that if I do something kind for you, you’ll feel the urge to do something kind for me in return. The majority of relationships operate on a fine balance between giving and receiving, and so based on this theory – the more you give, the more you’ll receive!

Now, how can you use it?

There are a number of reasons to lead with a “give first” mentality, (for example, being a great person), but you can actually use the theory of reciprocity to your advantage when it comes to winning business for your marketing agency and developing strong, lasting relationships with your current clients. The more time and energy that you put into “giving”, the more likely clients are to come to you with their business needs and stick with your agency long-term. Here are just a handful of ideas to get you going:

  • Be a thought leader in your space, and offer unique content and advice to your clients.
  • Offer things for free whenever possible, for example, news updates in the world of Social Media or one-on-one customer catch-up calls.
  • If applicable to your agency, offer a free trial of your services or a coupon code to draw in customers.

#3: Using FOMO To Gain New Clients

First: What is FOMO?

While the term “FOMO” (Fear Of Missing Out) may be more of a trending hashtag than an advanced psychological theory, the science behind the phenomenon is actually very legitimate. When you feel as though someone, or a group of people, have access to something that you don’t, that feeling of exclusion will often have you doing anything to make sure you break in! And yes, you guessed it, you can leverage this when growing your business too…

Now, how can you use it?

There are a few ways to capitalize on the FOMO of potential new customers:

  • Limit the number of coupon codes available to give a sense of urgency to customers who may be interested in working with you.
  • Be transparent about how FUN your agency is internally, so that your clients want to work with your team, specifically.
  • Share the successful impact that you’ve had on other client’s businesses, so that new potential customers crave this success, too.

#4: Using Authority To Grow Your Business

First: What is Authority?

In Psychology, the “Authority bias” relates to the idea that individuals will attribute greater accuracy to the opinion of an authoritative figure (unrelated to content) and are more likely to be more influenced by that individual’s opinion solely based on their authoritative presence. While this could be interpreted as firmly telling your client’s what to do, this is not the case at all. The technique, in reality, refers to winning the hearts and minds of current and potential clients by becoming a trusted thought-leader in your space.

Now, how can you use it?

  • Past success speaks volumes to how well you know what you’re doing, so don’t be scared to lead with your past achievements.
  • Go the extra mile to become and expert in your industry, and share this knowledge with current and potential clients.
  • Earn the trust of others by being honest. Trust takes time to build, but very little time to break – so be careful with what you say and how you say it.

#5: Using Storytelling To Earn Customers

First: What is Storytelling?

Storytelling, or “Narrative Psychology” is the idea that individuals deal with experience by observing stories unfold and by listening to the stories of others – operating under the idea that experience and activity are filled with “meaning” rather than logic. In short, storytelling helps us understand the “why” behind behaviors, and helps us empathize with and trust the storyteller.

Now, how can you use it?

When looking at how to use Narrative Psychology to grow your business, it’s worth thinking first about your brand – and how you’d like clients to view you. Presumably, you’ve started your agency because you have a passion for marketing and helping others realize their business goals – but does your brand convey that about you? Here are some tips on how to tell your story, and build authentic connections with your target market.

  • Include an “About” section on your website, emphasizing the “why” behind your business more than the “what”.
  • Regularly post your real self to your business social media accounts, so that customers know that there is a person to relate to behind your business.
  • Tell authentic stories, and don’t shy away from sharing failures. Failures make you real, and acknowledging imperfections make you relatable.

We hope this post has helped bring new ideas as to how you can win new business by using simple Psychology theories! Reach out to us on FacebookInstagramTwitter and LinkedIn to let us know if you’ve tried any of these, and how they worked out for you.

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