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7 Social Media Stats Every Agency Can Leverage to Land More Clients

As a marketing agency, more clients means more money.  But selling a new client can be tough if you don’t have some numbers to back your claims. Use these seven social media stats to land more clients.

1. 80% of social network users prefer to connect to a brand over social media [Source, 2017]

Consumers like the option to connect with businesses on platforms they already use.  Not being on social media means users are forced to put in additional work to connect with brands, and moreso, likely won’t put in the additional work.

2. Social media has 100% high lead to close rate over outbound marketing

If companies want to conduct more business, they need to be on social media.  Not only can your clients find more business, they’re more likely to close deals on the various platforms.

3. 79% of companies have seen increased traffic from only 6 hours a week invested in social media marketing [Source, 2016]

If 6 hours a week can increase traffic, just imagine what your marketing agency can accomplish with a dedicated marketing team in place.
Increased web traffic means increased visibility and increased sales. Plus with these 5 tips for easily sourcing new content, 6 hours goes a long way!

4. Users spend 33% of their internet time on social media [Source, 2017]

With nearly 4 Billion people on the internet, there is a huge potential to market on social media.

5. Custom content can generate 3x as many leads as traditional marketing methods [Source, 2016]

More leads = more customers = more revenue.  The granularity of targeting on social media can yield extremely targeted leads.

6. Generating leads on social media costs 62% less than traditional methods [Source, 2016]

Lower costs with higher revenue yields greater profits for companies.  And what company doesn’t want to be more profitable?

7. 38% of marketers prefer to use social media for business communications [Source, 2016]

While email and cold calls can be effective, many users preferred to be contacted over social media.  The informality of the platform gears itself well for B2C companies.
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With all of these new clients you’ll be onboarding, you’re going to need a new SMM tool that can scale with your company.  Cloud Campaign is the easiest way to manage multiple brands at scale and includes a free 14-day trial. Time to put these social media stats to use!

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