Best Tools For: Business Organization

As Marie Kondo says, if it doesn’t “spark joy”, throw it out! Let’s be honest, there are a lot of things that come with running a business and being a functioning adult that don’t “spark joy”, but unfortunately being a responsible human requires a certain number of necessary evils. That said, thankfully the stars of Silicon Valley have brought us a plethora of tools to organize our lives and make starting, running and growing a business just that little bit easier.

Of course, one of our favorite ways to stay organized is by using our very own platform. It helps us create, schedule and manage all of our content, and even recycles it for future use. Though, what about everything that goes on behind the scenes, or even the personal to-do’s we have that take up precious time you could be scaling your agency? There are a number of tools that our team loves for back-end business & life organization, so we thought we’d put together a list of those! Cloud Campaign can help you organize and scale the client facing marketing side of your agency, and these tools may just help you with the rest!

Our Favorite Tool For: Team Communication

Slack is our go-to for team communication. It can be downloaded on your laptop and cell-phone for easy, convenient use, and has a simple user-interface. Slack lets you set up group messages and channels to keep your lines of communication clean, and if you’re anything like us, you’ll have some fun with it too! Cloud Campaign’s most important channel of all, “Cloud CampAnimals” hosts and archive of the teams’ pet pictures – keeping us entertained, and any future auditors busy with the important stuff!


Our Favorite Tool For: To Do Lists

We’ll admit – this one is a joint tie between Asana and Monday.com. Both tools offer beautiful dashboards for keeping your day to day tasks on track, such as lists, boards, calendars and gantt charts. Gone are the days of a cluttered workspace surrounded by sticky notes. Use these tools to share your workflow with your team, and stay on top of everything that is on your plate. Aren’t sure which to choose from? Check out their pricing plans page to see the features on offer and what could work best for your budget.


Our Favorite Tool For: Email Marketing Automation

There are a number of email marketing tools out there, and many offer similar levels of marketing automation and plug-and-play templates, but our current go-to has to be Mailchimp! Mailchimp offers affordable pricing options, quick and easy campaign generation and mass-personalization that is tough to beat!


Our Favorite Tool For: Customer Relationship Management

When you’re just starting out, you may be thinking that a Google Sheet or Excel document is all you need for your CRM system; and while this may be true, there are a ton of benefits that come with a monthly CRM subscription. Our go-to, Hubspot, will keep all of your client leads organized, stores necessary contact information and will help you manage your pipeline with ease. Next time you’re at a conference (virtual, of course), or come across a new potential customer, try using Hubspot to store and manage their data. Their pricing page offers a number of add-ons, so be sure to consider exactly what you need before signing up!

Do you use any of these tools in your business? If you don’t, we’d highly recommend giving them a go. Many offer free versions for small teams, or free trials to try before you buy. Our team would love to chat to you about how we can help streamline your marketing work, and we’d be happy to talk you through our experiences with these tools, too! Give us a shout out on FacebookInstagramTwitter or LinkedIn and we’ll find some time to chat!

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