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Boost your Business using LinkedIn

Learn how LinkedIn can grow your company's presence and develop new leads.


Unleash the power of LinkedIn with more than 500 Million users in over 200 countries and territories and 2 new members every second. When trends happen in your industry, profession, school, etc…have your posts launched automatically – stay relevant and in front of your customers.


Quick tips on using LinkedIn for better business performance:

Target for FREE

With a LinkedIn business page you have the option to get in front of your specific audience with your company’s organic updates. They offer a range of parameters from language, geography, seniority, size of the company and industry sector.

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To target your organic updates: Create your update and before you click “Share” change the “Share with:” option from “All Followers” to “Targeted Audience”. Now choose how you want your update to be targeted. 

 LinkedIn Analytics

It’s there, use it! Valuable information can be obtained using this powerful tool. Besides knowing your follower and visitor’s demographics and trends, with little effort you can see which updates attracted the most interactions, clicks, impressions, new followers and engagement rates. 




As comments come in, RESPOND.  Make your LinkedIn business page a community for your brand – be active.

Inform your employees

Encourage your team to share and comment on your business page and the content as well

Sprinkle SEO

Remember the importance of inserting SEO keywords in your profile to help your target audience find you. The right keywords are vital….ensure to include concise, to the point, and impactful keywords, early on the phrasing. Google previews just over 150 characters of your Company Page’s text, make them count!  Well executed SEO can drive more traffic to your LinkedIn page from external sources.

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Revisit your page and update the company details if needed. Maybe stats have improved on your product, or your company received a stellar testimonial to add.  Re-polish your page about every 2 to 5 months. Include visual content, mixtures of images, videos and links, not so much about your product and services, but rather promote other ways, such as your blogs, webinars, useful guides and ebooks. Use Showcase Pages for your products and services

Showcase Pages

Company pages are not the place to display your products or show off your services, instead build a Showcase Page. These pages are designed to branch off of your main LinkedIn Company page. Here is the place to personalize your brand, promote specific products or cater to your individual marketing personas. This is perfect for allowing your business to tailor a page to match your specific audience.


Company Pages vs. Showcase Pages

  • Showcase pages have a larger hero image
  • Showcase pages have a two-column newspaper-like layout content posts
  • Unlike Company Pages, there is no Career tab at the top of Showcase Pages
  • All Showcase Pages link directly back to your business page.
  • Employee profiles cannot be associated with a Showcase Page

Groups in LinkedIn

This is a great lead generation tool. Create and grow your community, engage in your groups discussions, answer questions, show you are the Go-To person in your industry. Use the conversations in your group as inspiration for your blog posts, create more relevant content, knowing what your members are interested in.  Another bonus of managing a LinkedIn Group is that it allows you to email the members! These emails take the form of LinkedIn Announcements, messages sent directly to the group members inboxes. This presents an amazing opportunity to generate leads from LinkedIn. Consider joining other relevant groups and jump in on their discussions to promote yourself as a leader in your industry.

Source: How to Use LinkedIn For Your Business

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