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Cloud Campaign is ahead of the game for managing social media

Find out where Cloud Campaign ranks against other SMM tools.

Using software to automatically post to social media has become a popular business strategy in the tech world by 2017.

Businesses use automation to save time and money while making sure their posts are consistent across all facets of social media. Instead of a marketer having to individually post across different social media outlets at exactly the time they want the content posted; this type of software will automate the task at hand.

The question is: What is the best way to automate this task?

There are a number of platforms that allow for automation in a variety of ways already: SocialPilot, Agorapulse, SproutSocial, Sendible, SocialOomph, Buffer, and Hootsuite.

The premise of all of the platforms is the same: automate posting across all social media platforms (or only certain social media platforms) at a given time (usually the time that they will receive the most attention). Perhaps even accomplish the feat of ‘trending’.

Let’s look at Hootsuite as a solid example of posting automation. Their basic plan allows you to set dates and times for when to trigger a post across social media platforms. This part is great so you don’t constantly need to be at your computer posting content. Instead one can set a number of posts and let Hootsuite post them at you requested times. Hootsuite even goes above this and offers you an option to “AutoSchedule” so your content will receive “optimal impact”. Hootsuite decides when the “optimal impact” time is with little explanation.

This is where Cloud Campaign has changed the game.

Cloud Campaign lets the user set triggers for posts. Instead of a one size fits all optimal impact posting style; Cloud Campaign puts you in the driver’s seat for why posts are triggered. Instead of a seemingly random time chosen to auto-schedule your posts; Cloud Campaign can post based on any event.

For example:

– Does your company sell umbrella’s? Create a trigger to post for when it rains.

– Are you a bank? Create a trigger when the stock market is up.

– How about an insurance company? Create a trigger whenever President Trump sends a tweet.

Through Cloud Campaign there are an endless amount of triggers that can be created to make sure your posts are broadcasted when it matters – not just some random time of day when it is believed people are most likely to check social media.

To summarize the key value prop of Cloud Campaign: trigger posts when they are most likely to be important to the world.

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