Collaboration – A Team Effort

Learn how to adapt to the ever changing workspace landscape.

The importance of collaboration in the workspace is valued more now than ever.  With employees and virtual assistants spread across the globe, working various hours, and in different time zones, the traditional approach to collaboration is being replaced.  You can no longer duck into a conference room or meet at a cafe; you need some software to assist in the process.
In today’s complex workspace, collaboration is vital; the reality is simple….one cannot do it alone. It takes a team, working together with a mutual goal for the benefit of all. Corporations that provide this culture of thinking will have happier individuals that share their creativity, engage with one another and actually feel joy and satisfaction in doing so, compared to workers going at a project solo.
The corporations truly reap the rewards; greater productivity, boosting of morale and overall operation efficiency, all leading to revolutionary innovations and unrestrained discoveries.
Comprise a team of varying skill levels and diverse thinking in order to achieve maximum results, this includes diversity in gender, ethnicity, race, social status, and more.
An article from Scientific American Titled How Diversity Makes Us Smarter, concludes:

Being around people who are different from us makes us more creative, more diligent and harder-working”

However, working collaboratively in today’s modern landscape can be difficult.  Sure, you can schedule a Skype call or exchange emails, but that’s only a means of communication not a method to work collaboratively.

Cloud Campaign plans to simplify this process by allowing multiple team members to create, approve, and publish content to social media.  As a single web-app portal, there is no software to download and everyone is sharing the same workspace.  

Team members are assigned roles (author, editor, admin) to protect your brand and ensure only high quality content makes it out of your social media queue.  You can even choose which platforms require approval.  For example, you can set up Cloud Campaign so Facebook posts require approval, while any author can publish directly to Twitter.

 Are you ready to increase productivity and have a truly collaborative team?  Request early access to Cloud Campaign.


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