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Facebook Adds More Ways to Engage with Your Top Followers

Have you noticed a trend yet?

Facebook rewards companies for real engagement; they’re striving to build communities where there’s two-way dialog, instead of businesses just broadcasting updates to a passive audience.

Knowing this, it’s only fitting that Facebook is constantly adding more ways for pages to engage with their top-followers.

As the most recent push of this initiative, Facebook added additional page and group badges.

Facebook group badges

As a page admin, you can assign badges to particular users.  Facebook will also automatically do this in some situations.

You can reward users for being conversation starters or reward them for being a long-time follower with an “anniversary badge”.  These are the badges available today:

Facebook Page badges

Badges and titles, which are commonly used in forums, add a level of prestige and encourage engagement.

Read Facebook’s Press Release Here:




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