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Follow Hashtags, New Sorting Algorithms, And More

With every new update to the social media platforms comes a new opportunity to interact with your customers.  Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter all released significant changes recently.



Change: Users Can Follow Hashtags

What Does It Mean?

You have more opportunities to get in front of your target audience.  Now if you use a hashtag that a user is following, your post will end up in their feed.

Just be sure to mix up the hashtags and don’t go overboard or else Instagram may begin ignoring your hashtags.



Change: Favoring Friends over Brands

What Does It Mean?

Facebook began rolling out a new newsfeed algorithm that sorts posts to favor friends over business pages.  This change will likely decrease your page’s organic reach.  You will need to begin posting more quality content from your page and it will also be crucial to share your page’s posts using your personal account to increase visibility and reach.  Using a social media scheduling tool can help.

Adam Mosseri, Vice President of Facebook’s NewsFeed division, reassured publishers that the new algorithm will continue to show content from pages that users interact with [CNBC, 2018].  The initiative was mostly introduced to fight fake news and spammy Facebook pages.  It will be more important than ever to post engaging content that your followers are interested in to keep your business page on the radar.




Change: Group DMs.  Not a new release, but an under-utilized feature.

What Does It Mean?

Brands can leverage group messages to have a direct line of communication with sub-groups of their community.  It can be an effective way to set up weekly chat rooms to talk about pertinent topics or receive feedback from your followers.

Just be sure to only add users that opt-in and don’t be spammy or sales-y.

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