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How a Tech Giant 4x-ed Their Link Clicks

I recently spoke with a marketer at a contracting agency that handles social media for many of the accounts owned by a tech giant in the Bay Area.
Due to NDAs, we’re unable to disclose the company’s name, but we were able to discuss his experience while working onsite at the company and how he has increased their link clicks on social media by 4x.
Yes, you read that right.  Two simple changes quadrupled the company’s link clicks on social media.
1. Adding a new line between the copy (caption + hashtags) and the link doubled link clicks

He speculates that having the link too close to hashtags causes individuals on social media to accidentally click the hashtag instead of the link or scroll right past the link thinking it was just another part of the copy.  Which transitions nicely into the second tip.

2. Adding an arrow pointing to the link doubled link clicks, AGAIN

Making it much more obvious where the link is, makes it easier for the user to quickly click on it and interact with your website.

The reality is that people have a very short attention span on social media.  Many quickly scroll through the feed, spending only a second or so on each post.  By adding an arrow, we’re drawing the user’s attention directly to our call to action (CTA), the link.

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