How to Charge More as a Freelance Marketer

Everyone wants to make more money — it’s largely the motivation for busting our butts day in and day out, or it’s at least a means to an end.
So this begs the question, how do we make more money without significantly increasing our workload?
It comes down to two areas — the value we provide our clients and the number of clients we manage.
Let’s look at each one separately.

Increasing the Value we Provide

If we want to provide more value without hiring additional help, we need to look for tools that can be leveraged to create more value by either making the marketing efforts more effective or by providing further insights.
Providing Insights
If you can effectively show your clients the value that you’re providing, they will be happy to continue using your services and even pay you more.
There’s nothing worse than throwing money into a black hole, hoping that you’ll eventually see a return.  Be transparent with your clients and share periodic reports with them to update them on your progress.
Use a tool like Cloud Campaign to help you generate professional client reports with a single click.

Cloud Campaign — Client Report

Build a More Professional Brand
Make your marketing agency seem larger than it is with custom software.  No one wants to pay you for something they think they can do themselves.
Make a statement with your own custom marketing software by white-labeling an existing tool.  Cloud Campaign, amongst other marketing software platforms, offers a white label version.

Managing more Clients

The other way to increase our income is managing more clients.  But in order to do this, we need to be more efficient with our time management.
1. Use a tool like Toggl to measure how much time you’re spending on each client.  Find ways to streamline processes for clients that are very time consuming or consider charging more.


2. Use a project management tool like Trello to keep all of your tasks and projects in order.

3. Use a marketing tool that is specifically built for managing multiple clients to streamline your marketing efforts.
Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 2.51.23 PM.png


Don’t be Afraid to Increase Prices

When deciding on a price, don’t think about how much time or energy a task is costing you.
Instead, look at how much value you’re providing your client.  If your marketing efforts are generating an additional $200k in revenue for their company, it’s reasonable to charge a substantial amount.  It’s also reasonable to reevaluate contracts over time.

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