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How to Schedule Social Media Posts

To effectively schedule social media posts, you need to first define a strategy.  Rather than scheduling individual posts, schedule categories of posts.
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Some categories that we share on social media include:

  • Curated Content (trending articles from others)
  • Our Blog Posts (Evergreen)
  • Our Product Updates
  • Our YouTube Videos
  • Wednesday Wisdom graphics


Once you’ve decided what categories you want to share, choose when you want to post each one.  We use three different schedule types for this.

Drip Schedule Weekly Schedule One-Time Posts
Our Blog Curated Content (everyday) Product Updates
YouTube Videos (every Fri)
Wednesday Wisdom

Drip Schedule

Drip schedules allow you to intelligently recycle content over a period of time.  By sharing the same content at increasingly longer intervals, you can increase the exposure and engagement without seeming spammy.

Weekly Schedule

Weekly schedules are the easiest way to keep a steady flow of posts going out to social media.  Keep your community engaged with trending articles, weekly trends, or your own content.  Simply choose the days and times you want to post each week then fill up a queue.

One-Time Posts

Schedule a one-time post can be a great way to coordinate social media content with product releases, holidays, or other time-specific events.

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Once you’ve scheduled posts, don’t forget to check back each week and see how your posts have performed.  Look for conversation opportunities to further engage your community.
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To Recap, follow these steps when scheduling posts to social media:

  1. Define the categories of content that you want to share.
  2. Choose when each category should be published using either a drip schedule, weekly schedule, or one-time post.
  3. Use analytics as a feedback loop to iterate on your strategy.

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