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How to Sound like a Marketing Expert (even if you aren't one)

As a marketing agency or a freelancer, landing new clients largely comes down to a few things:

  1. Do you embody a marketing expert?
  2. Can you deliver on your promise?
  3. Do you have a proven track record?

Today, we’re going to tackle #1.  Even if you aren’t a marketing expert yet, we’ll go over key areas you should be knowledgeable in.

Know Your Acronyms

CPC, CTR, CMS, … – they’re all important.  There’s nothing worse than a potential client asking what your average CTR is for paid SEM, and you stumbling to answer the question.
More than just acronyms, get to know the general marketing lingo.  Most industries begin to develop their own language and marketing is no different.
Take a look at HubSpot’s Ultimate Dictionary of Marketing Terms and get to know it like the back of your hand.

Keep up with the Latest Trends

Marketing, especially social media marketing, is always in flux.  It seems like almost every day there’s a new trend to stay on top of with new tools coming out, SM algorithms evolving, and marketing reports being published.
Clients want to ensure they’re getting the biggest bang for their buck, and that means you need to know how to most effectively market their brand given the current tools and platforms.
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Know about the Latest Tools

From link shorteners to full-fledged marketing platforms, your clients expect you to be the source of truth for what’s latest and greatest.  Take some time to know what new tools are out there for you to try.
For example, have you tried any of these link shorteners that can amplify your marketing efforts?
Or have you tried any of these under the radar social media tools?
Social Media Examiner, Product Hunt, and Cloud Campaign’s blog are all good places to keep up with the latest and greatest marketing tools.

Understand your Client’s Goals

The main goal of social media marketing typically isn’t growing a follower base.  In most cases, you’re trying to optimize link clicks to drive sales or increase engagement to build a community around a brand.
Be sure both you and the client are on the same page and that you’re optimizing your strategy to realistically achieve the goals you set.

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