Integrate Quora into Your Marketing Strategy

Twenty-five percent of our organic traffic comes from Quora.  It nearly amounts to the traffic we’re driving from paid ads, yet it’s completely free.

What is Quora?

Quora is an open, question-based forum designed to help people quickly find answers.  You can ask anything from objective scholarly questions to subjective opinion-based inquiries.

How do we use it for Marketing?

Quora has a tremendous amount of visitors every day and the site ranks highly on Google searches, so how do we take Quora’s traffic and direct it to our own site.
People often take to Quora to find alternatives to existing products; this is particularly true for software.  By answering these questions by first providing value and secondly mentioning your product, if relevant, you can attract thousands of new eyes to your site — eyes that are actively looking for a product like yours.

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