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The Power of Sharing Other's Articles

Sharing other’s articles on social media can be a great way to quickly grow credibility, increase your own accounts exposure, and form a collaborative relationship with another brand.

1. Growing Credibility

I think a lot of people form this misconception that they should only post their own content (articles / blogs / etc…) to social media, but by sharing relevant articles from a credible source, you can start to build credibility for your own brand.
Think of your posts as a curated source of everything relevant for your particular industry.  Rather than following 10 social media accounts, people can just follow yours and get all of the articles they’re interested in.
Also, followers will begin to associate your articles with credible sources.  If you share your blog posts mixed in with Forbes and Fortune articles, users will think, “Hmm, I like articles written by Forbes and Fortune, maybe I’ll like Company XYZ as well.”

2. Increasing Exposure

When you share someone else’s article you should tag the author for two reasons.

  1. It gives credit to the author.
  2. It increases your post’s exposure.

Depending on the platform, sometimes followers of the author will be notified that they were mentioned in a post and therefore this other account’s followers are likely to see your account.  Chances are, if that user likes the author account and you’re in a similar space, they’ll like your account too.
We’ve also had several of our posts shared by the author since we tagged them in the post and left kind words about their article.  Anytime someone shares your post you get my eyes on your account.  More eyes on your account means potentially more followers and more customers.

3. Forming Relationships

This ones a bit tricky since it can rarely be planned or forced and tends to happen serendipitously, but sharing articles can often put you or your company onto influencers’ radars.
I’ve heard of relationships stemming out of social media ranging from brand collaborations to company acquisitions.  You never know who will notice your page on social media, but one things for certain — sharing other’s articles on social media won’t hurt your account.

Finding Articles to Share

The benefits of sharing other people’s articles is apparent, but maybe finding the articles in the first place isn’t.  Fear not, we built a content recommendation tool into our social media management platform to help.
With one click you can begin sharing trending articles, blog posts, or copyright-free stock images on social media making collaboration and content sharing easier than ever.
Cloud Campaign starts with a free 30-day trial and a no risk money back guarantee.   See how a powerful social media tool can simplify your life and help grow your business.

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