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Weekly Agency Spotlight — AntiSocial Solutions

This week we are excited to feature AntiSocial Solutions in our weekly agency spotlight.
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The Background

Established just 5 years ago, AntiSocial Solutions has quickly become one of the largest companies in the industry. Their growth rate is nothing less than astounding and is a direct reflection of the talented team the three founders have put together. Between the 42 full-time employees, they are extremely adept in a wide range of digital marketing genres. Their services include Media Buying, photo and video production, branding and design, website development, consulting, and luckily for us, social media marketing.
AntiSocial Solutions currently manages the digital marketing needs of over 100 brands across the globe, in every stage of the market life cycle. As co-founder Daryl Louie said:

“If you are good at what you do as a digital marketing agency, you can understand marketing objectives and you can understand how to grow any business leveraging your digital channels. I believe that as a digital agency, you should be able to drop ship into any industry.”

Part of the company ethos, the AntiSocial Solutions team pride themselves on being able to truly coalesce into any brand. They don’t want to be an ancillary outsourced marketing channel, but rather, an integrating arm of a teams current marketing strategy. As they say on their website:

“Creating a voice that represents your business through social media is the most effective way to reach an audience. Our team will work with you to find the right tone through creative content that is unique to your brand.”

We were fortunate enough to speak with co-founder Daryl Louie, who was willing to provide some fantastic tips and tricks for those companies looking to establish an online social presence.
Daryl brings a deep basin of knowledge to the team, with over a decade of experience managing social media. He started his career by spearheading the genesis of a marketing strategy for a large restaurant chain. After, he was recruited by Playboy to direct their digital marketing team in Vancouver Canada. There he was responsible for setting objectives, creating a strategy, and monitoring the progress of digital campaigns.
Daryl loves the creative aspect of social media marketing and specializes in Social Media Architecture. He describes this as:

“Setting goals for reach and interactions while helping a brand find it’s voice online and then incorporating the relevant SM outlets.”

The Advice

Question: What is the most common goal clients approach Anti Social Solutions with?
Daryl explained that they are most commonly approached by companies looking to either expand brand awareness or “They don’t Know”. He said often companies know they need to expand into digital marketing but don’t know how to do that or even which channels they should target. Lastly, Daryl told us they are regularly approached by companies who are unhappy with their current social media marketing agency. They are often asked to review the performance of a company’s current agency partner and assess whether they can do better.

Question: What can a small to medium-sized business expect to spend on ads per month to run an effective campaign?
Here, as we often hear, Daryl explained that in order to use a professional social media marketing agency such as Antisocial solutions, companies should expect to spend a minimum of $500 per month. He went on to say that they currently manage budgets ranging anywhere from $500 a month to $25,000 a month. While a company may be able to see some results with a lesser budget, in order to have a professional team work with them, they need to be at least at this number. Otherwise, as we have heard before, there are some weird ratio issues, and it is hard for an agency to establish a sustainable strategy.
It is also worth noting that your ad spend will vary greatly depending on your target market. If you are in a competitive industry such as cosmetics, you will most likely have to have a higher ad budget. It is imperative to assess your market and formulate a strategy which matches your competition level.

Question: How many hours per week can a company expect to spend managing social media, and what are the most time-consuming aspects?
For this question, Daryl explained that it is hard to give an exact number. As for them, they have a full-time employee if not multiple for every single component which goes into social media marketing. A full-time photographer, videographer, ad placement specialist, editor, etc.
Obviously, this is not an affordable solution for most companies. However, it is worth noting that many vastly underestimate the time commitment necessary to successfully run an online presence. Again, your strategy should be molded by your industry, but expect to spend a good 6-8 hours a week running your social profiles.
As for what is the most time-consuming, Daryl explained that setting a strategy will eat up a large chunk of time. It is an overarching component which involves finding a target market, figuring out what creative resonates with them, what kind of budget will be necessary, and establishing how and when to post it.

Question: Do you have an anecdotal story or case study to showcase the success of a client? Perhaps one where a particularly creative strategy was used?
Daryl provided us with the following story which perfectly exemplifies how powerful social media can be!

“One of our current key clients called Oakwyn Realty, who are a rising star in the Vancouver real estate market, started with us when they were in their first year. They identified with us that their main objective through social, without even knowing what was possible, was to help grow their agents and grow their listings.
So if you take a step back and look at it from a social media marketer standpoint, you ask yourself “How am I going to show ROI on this. How can I help them grow their brokerage, and draw a direct connection to ROI.”
We identified internally what they need to use to identify listings, and obviously one of those things is to grow the number of agents they have. We established that the way they are going to do this, against some of the giants such as Remax and Sotheybys, was to showcase that their work environment and culture is something that truly celebrated their realtors. Something that really empowered all of their agents, whether they were english speaking, chinese speaking, french speaking, or otherwise. Also, we knew we needed to create amazing beautiful media, which would effectively communicate these points that make them so unique.
We created a content plan which was one year, and was all about attracting talent. We used beautiful media which showcased how they support their agents, their work culture, and their communities, and deployed it. This included 24 videos, 12 photo shoots, and giveaways. 
At the end of the year, they had grown from 30 agents to over 100 agents. Now, they are over 300 agents and are one of the top agencies in the city. They have even begun acquiring some of the agencies they were just hoping to emulate when we got started. 
This is definitely one for us that we are really proud of.”


Questions: What are some tips you would give to an SMB trying to establish a social presence?
Without missing a beat Daryl responded:

“Plan your social content ahead of time. Posting day of, coming up with content day of, figuring out your copy, media, etc, the day of, will eat up a huge chunk of time. If you do that rather than planning and strategizing your content in bulk, that is definitely the biggest waste of time.

Daryl went on to say “Don’t try to bootstrap everything’. He made the point we often hear that paying an employee a couple hundred extra dollars a month to run your social media, when they know nothing about it, will very rarely prove fruitful. Social media is an incredibly important marketing channel, and it is vital that you hire someone who knows, or learn yourself, exactly how to establish and run a digital marketing strategy. Just because someone might personally have a large following, is not an indication that they know how to run a social presence for a business. Daryl finished by saying

“You are going to get back what you invest in your digital marketing program”

As the old adage goes, you get what you pay for.

The Conclusion

We would really like to thank Daryl for taking time the time to speak with us. Obviously, managing over 100 brands is incredibly time-consuming and Daryl definitely has his hands full. Antisocial Solutions is one of the most transparent, honest, and congenial companies we have had the pleasure of speaking with. No matter what industry you are in, what stage your company might be in, we highly recommend checking them out.
You can learn more about AntiSocial Solutions here:

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