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Weekly Agency Spotlight — Branched Roots

This week we are excited to feature Branched Roots in our weekly agency spotlight.

The Background

Branched Roots is based out of beautiful Boise, Idaho and was founded by the current CEO, Brandon Reidhaar. Established in 2012, they have quickly grown into a team of 12 experts who specialize in market research, web design/development, social media marketing, content creation, and graphic design.
Their team is exceptionally adept in understanding and conveying a brand’s ethos to their target market. We believe it’s this unique aptitude that is the genesis for much of their success.
Speaking candidly, they are also amazing to work with. Their team is incredibly humble and friendly, and while they might be the experts in their breadth of fields, they will never treat you as ignorant. Rather, they truly value customer input and strive for a close, transparent, and synergistic working relationship. They treat every client individually and don’t believe in one-size-fits-all, banal marketing schemas.
As Brandon said himself:

“We pride ourselves on taking every client case by case. We don’t want to automate anything. We want to make sure that we are the most responsive, receptive, attentive agency in the country.”

We had the chance to speak with CEO, Brandon Reidhaar, and Content Strategist, Hannah Ritter, who were both kind enough to share some useful insights on what it takes to run an effective marketing presence.

The Advice

Question: What is the most common goal clients approach Branched Roots with?
Brandon and Hannah informed us that they are regularly approached by companies seeking to understand how to formulate a message which will resonate with their audience. They went on to say that these companies have often struggled with effectively identifying and articulating their brand personality.
Branched Roots is unique from many of our other spotlights in that they have experience working with companies of all different sizes, in different stages of their marketing life. Many companies who approach them are still seeking to discover who their target audience even is.

Question: What can a small to medium-sized business expect to spend on ads per month to run an effective campaign?
This is an incredibly generic question and it is often hard for companies to give a ballpark estimate. Often, we hear that this number can fluctuate drastically depending on the target industry. Hannah and Brandon provided some fantastic context as to why that is.
One of the companies they manage marketing for specializes in wetland excavation. As Brandon said:

“most of the individuals who are in the market for this aren’t even on the internet. Also, they have very little competition and are region specific. For them, spending a fortune on social media advertising would make no sense.”

This is where working with a company such as Branched Roots who is so proficiently creative comes in handy. In this particular instance, they shifted the focus of this company from a digital approach to old-fashioned mailers. In this example, the more traditional mailers were wildly successful for the wetlands excavation company and they remain loyal clients of Branched Roots.

Question: How many hours per week can a company expect to spend managing social media, and what are the most time-consuming aspects?
Again, this is a generic question, but Hannah and Brandon were able to give some ballpark answers. They did acknowledge that it is very industry dependent, but said at minimum companies should expect to spend 5 hours per week on positioning and creating content, in order to get any traction worthwhile. Brandon did note that with the competitive nature of some industries, even that amount of time would probably not prove fruitful. They went on to say that there are simply no “cookie cutter” marketing strategies and that companies really need to spend the time learning who their audience is and what resonates with them. Hannah also noted that because of this, it is imperative for companies to spend the first 10 hours or so exploring just these concepts.

Question: Do you have any tips you would be willing to share with those small to medium sized businesses who are looking to establish or build their online social presence?
Here is what Brandon had to say:

“Be consistent and delegate because you can’t do it yourself. It’s a full-time job and you have to find the right people. A lot of people want to see the catchy little clips which get thousands of likes, but when they actually get to your website, make sure it’s an accurate representation of your culture and what you are doing for your clients”

Hannah also added:

“Make sure you maintain your authenticity because a lot of people are just trying to meet a bottom line; they’re often inspired to just talk about what their business is and what they offer, as opposed to why their business is there and why they see the potential in their business. Why your business is there is so much more inspiring. It also helps build loyalty among your brands and your consumers”.

The Conclusion

We would really like to thank Hannah and Brandon for taking the time to meet with us. We have actually had the pleasure of going to their offices and meeting them in person, and we are exceptionally confident in recommending them. If you decide to outsource your marketing needs, we highly suggest taking a look at Branched Roots!
You can learn more about Branched Roots Here

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