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Weekly Agency Spotlight — Ola Moana Marketing

jThis week we are excited to feature Ola Moana in our weekly agency spotlight.

The Background

Ola Moana is based out of San Diego, California and was founded by the current CEO, Jeton Prince. Established in 2010,  they manage over 20 brands and specialize in SEO, website design, and luckily for our purposes, social media marketing.
Jeton is incredibly knowledgeable and brings a breadth of experience to the Ola Moana team.  He has over 18 years of hospitality management experience in over 6 different countries! He has run promotions for everything ranging from kid camps to 1,800 person tour groups.
While they handle all different types of clients, Jeton noted that they especially love working with local small businesses. As he said himself:

“We are a Small business who likes to deal in local small businesses also. I can relate to small business and I tend to know what they need”

Jeton was nice enough to give some great insights on what it takes to run a successful social presence.

The Advice

Question: What is the most common goal clients approach Ola Moana Marketing with?

“Most of them are going to  be sales depending on what they do. I.e. Services vs product. Bottom line is everyone wants to make more money. If they are investing in marketing they want a return.”

Question: What can a small to medium-sized business expect to spend on ads per month to run an effective campaign?
This is an incredibly generic question and it is often hard for companies to give a ballpark estimate. Jeton responded by informing us that he has seen the best success come from Facebook ads. He noted that much of this can be attributed to how granular they allow marketers to get with their audience targeting. As for a numerical answer, Jeton said that recommends all his clients spend at a minimum, $300 per month on social ads.

Question: How many hours per week can a company expect to spend managing social media, and what are the most time-consuming aspects?
As we often hear, Jeton informed us that creating quality content is the most time-consuming aspect of managing social media. He went on to say “Coming up with good content and good creative can be very intensive”.
Lastly, for this question, he informed us that companies should be ready to spend a minimum of 5-6 hours per week simply managing social.

Question: Do you have any tips you would be willing to share with those small to medium sized businesses who are looking to establish or build their online social presence?
Here is what Jeton had to say:

“Be consistent. Set something up and dont turn it over to someone who wont be with the company in a month. Often time companies have the low man on the totempole set up their social, and he leaves the company in a month and the company just doesn’t post for a year. Lastly, Hire someone who will make sure it get done”


The Conclusion

We would really like to thank Jeton for taking the time to speak with us. It was great speaking with him and we really appreciated all the valuable input.
You can learn more about Ola Moana Here:

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